New Year – New Attitude

January 25, 2007 § Leave a comment

When I started this blog, I was madder than a “bad biting bull dog,” if I can use that expression. Why? I was happy with my last blog and falling in love with wordpress – that is until I was thrown out without a clear explanation. I could not think of anything I had done to deserve this. Then I began to retrace my steps, foolishly hoping to fix my mistake. You know the feeling. “What did I dooo? What happened? Then I remembered browsing other blogs in an attempt to make some friends and leave comments on blogs I liked. This is something I almost never do because I am so busy working on my web site and doing customer service. However that day I wanted to take a little R&R and relax before starting a big project.

Browsing one by one, I stumbled upon a name I had seen in the blogging community but didn’t know much about this person and decided to see what all the comments were about; so I stopped and read a few posts. I immediately liked what I was reading. It was clear and informative, furthermore it answered some questions I had been seeking answers to. Neat! I thought, this is information that others might enjoy reading. I left a comment stating, “I love the blog and maybe I’ll link to you, talk to you later” and continued to browse other blogs.
Now, I would never be so presumptuous to think that one should just add a link to someone else’s material without some kind of either professional or personal relationship. Neither of which existed with this person. I should have known this person was a “tight as..” as evidenced by his bragging about how intelligent he is.

Apparently he had just completed a series of test which he had passed and wanted everyone to know that he did very well on a section that reportedly, according to him was harder for others who had fail, but he did better in on the harder test than most people. Well, I am all for giving praise when it’s due, but for God’s sake, let someone else praise you. Nothing wrong with saying I passed. Who cares what your scores were, this is not an interview for the job you’re presently performing.

To shorten a long story, when I finished browsing, I went to my email box to find a message from wordpress stating that my blog had been shut down and something about infringing on intellectual property rights. I almost fainted. This came just after going to my web site to find that my hosting company had pulled my site immediately following my request to cancel my upcoming renewal which was a few days away. Had I gone to Hell and didn’t know it? My new love had thrown me out without a defense!

It took me a week or so figure it out – it must have been that comment I left on s’s blog. These are my personal opinions that I believe to be true. What a small minded, frightened person I thought. Book sense without common sense makes a broken character. Makes me wonder what he stole or who he stepped to get where he is today to invoke such insecurity.

It’s a new year and I have a new attitude. I only feel pity for this person, under the limelight there must be a pretty miserable individual with secrets. Remember – these are my opinions. Got a gripe? Let me hear it. If you have never been wronged – just keep living. It will happen if it hasn’t already. Don’t hold a grudge when it does, it’s all part of being human.


Hello world!

September 28, 2006 § 1 Comment

This first post is just to get me set up. I have some organizing to do first. Blogging soon!